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Rocket League bootcamp report

POSTED BY Grauling February 7, 2020

In preparation for the start of the RLCS (Rocket League Championship Series) our Rocket League team has been bootcamping at the Singularity HQ!

“The benefits of bootcamping with Team Singularity: There are a few reasons for me that I think bootcamping is important!

Firstly we are a fairly new team that has not yet attended any Lans or actually met as a team before this meant is was super beneficial to get to know each other and become closer friends. This helps our team attitude in comms and that directly effects our synergy on the pitch and makes us a much stronger team.

I personally really like bootcamping as the coach because I love to work with my players in person. I can physically read how they are with my information and tell how they react to me and the way I am coaching them and I can then adjust to be the best coach for them and get the most out of each and every player; not to mention we have whiteboards to use and we can show exactly what we want from the replays we watch as a team.

In addition, it is a really comfortable environment where we are with people who share the same passion and skill for this game. This keeps morale high and makes us feel great going into scrims and games. I find that players mentality is super important and can in many cases be the difference between the loss or the win so having everyone together and happy is a huge plus for me as well as if anything does effect a player mentally we are all here to support and change that mentality back to positive. Lastly FIST BUMPS!!!”


“When I came in at the bootcamp location for the first time I was impressed by how it looks here, it looked so good, the room we play in looks really nice, also the place where you can chill and the gym look so good and clean. It is also nice to be together with the whole team because it is really fun and also serious when we need to play the game or scrim. Moreover, Atle is taking really good care of us!”

Thomas “ThO” Binkhorst