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Rocket League Yearly Review

POSTED BY Grauling January 8, 2021

2020 was a different year for everyone. Covid-19 prevented most of the LAN events we all looked forward to, but we still had the ambitions to make 2020 a year to remember, a year to look back to and be happy about what we achieved. This is our story – This is the 2020 Rocket League recap!

After we promoted to the RLCS in December of 2019, we played our first season in the highest Rocket League division. In the old format the best 10 teams from Europe competed for a $400k+ prizepool. The team around Noly, ThO and Godsmilla finished their first RLCS season in a very good 7th place and was able to defend their RLCS spot. The highlight of the season was the Week 2 series against Team Vitality. We were the only team who was able to win against the former World Champion team. In a heart-breaking game 5 overtime Godsmilla was able to score, as he bumped Kaydop into the ball after a flip reset.

In the off-season, there were many community tournaments sponsored by Psyonix and we participated in all of them. Johnnyboi invited us to the European Invitational. The best 16 teams from Europe competed for $20.000. In our way to the grand finals we beat Team Vitality, WDG, NLE, Endpoint and Sandrock Gaming. In the grand finals we faced Sandrock Gaming again and beat them in a best-of 9 series with a fast 5-1, securing us a prize of $10.000.

The offseason also brought some changes with it – The first roster swap. Scrub Killa stepped in, replacing Godsmilla, and played the Spring Series, Fusion, Eurocup 10k and The Summer Grand Prix alongside Tho and noly.

After that, Guild Esports – The new esports organisation co-owned by David Beckham – acquired our talented Rocket League team.

Godsmilla picked up Breezi and hibbs to form the new Team Singularity Rocket League team and they qualified for RLCS and ‘The Grid’ in the 1st tournament they played in July.

In ‘The Grid’ we were able to produce our own broadcast to follow our teams matches live at Our new roster used this stage to get some great Top 8 finishes and a Top 4 result. As some of the regional events did not went as planned and we were not able to secure a top 10 ‘The Grid’ placement, we welcomed back Scrub Killa, replacing and benching Godsmilla.

In the Winter Split of the RLCS Season X we won our first ‘The Grid’ Playoff securing us $7.500 and a lot of publicity in our team stream with Godsmilla being a part of the caster team.

We are going to take this Champions momentum with us into 2021 and are looking forward to the RLCS Spring Split and World Championship!