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Roster changes CS:GO Academy

POSTED BY Grauling May 12, 2019

We would like to announce that the Swedish CS:GO Academy will undergo a roster change as Pulver & Medina will leave the team being replaced by bOTRA and Exela. We would like to thank the two former players for their time in Singularity and we wish them best of luck in their career.

“We’ve decided to make a roster change which means that Pulver & Medina is out, whereas we bring in bOTRA and Exela. This decision was made by many different factors but mainly because of the bad showing in Copenhagen Games and big personal differences, which resulted in small problems that just grew bigger with time.

Our preparation for the event was not the best and by lacking a clear schedule and motivation our results didn’t exceed our anticipation. Also, there was a lot of unacceptable behavior within the team so at first I decided to move on from the whole roster, but after Ejje reached out to me and talked some sense into me we decided that I, Ejje & Jsson should continue with other players.

Unfortunately, we had to make these changes in order to keep playing together and we strongly believe we are able to do some damage and improve a lot with the right mindset.

Now we are all a better fit with each other personally and are hyped to show what we can do and what we can build together as a team. For the moment we are not playing any leagues so we will mainly practice since we are starting over from scratch, which for us will be necessary. I wish Pulver & Medina best of luck in their future projects and careers. Was an educational run for us all.” Max “mre” Stjernqvist

The main purpose of the Academies is learning what it takes to be professional in a game title. It’s always a learning experience and sometimes it doesn’t turn exactly how you want it. Even though I am saddened by the two players leaving the team, I have faith that this move is for the best of everyone and I hope it was a good learning experience for everyone involved in the project

Atle S. Stehouwer

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