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Smilla vs Killa

POSTED BY Grauling February 1, 2021

Today we are hosting our first Rocket League show match! In the show, Godsmilla and Scrub Killa are going to compete in several minigames and quizzes to determine whom the best is! Both of them want to fight for the win as hard as they can because the loser needs to do a punishment afterwards!

“Smilla vs Killa” also includes a show match between the old Singularity roster (Godsmilla, noly, ThO) and the new roster (Scrub Killa, breezi, hibbs) with a crowdfunded prize pool! Every donator automatically enters our SNG giveaway to win cool prizes! To donate and be eligible for the Giveaway follow this link:

Tune in today 19:00 CET at to watch Smilla and Killa fight for honor and to find out which team is taking home the prize pool in the 3v3 show match in the end!
Tune in today 19:00 CET at

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