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We won League Championship Denmark!

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After a great week of bootcamp and lan playoffs series at Good Game esportscenter and HYDR eSport, we come out on top as champions after beating Good Game Esport 3-2 in the semifinal and Copenhagen Flames 3-1 in the grandfinal.

Doğukan “Noac” Akaydın wasn’t able to join the team for bootcamp and playoffs in DK, so he played it straight from his home in Turkey.

An extra congratulation to the LCD MVP of the season, Andreas “Skude” Aarlund Skude!

The team finished the regular season as 2nd place going into the playoffs.

GGWP team <3

Daniel “Kroghsen” Krogh

Doğukan “Noac” Akaydın

Nikos “HungryPanda” Nikolaidis

Tom “Nijhuis” Lucas Nijhuis

Andreas “Skude” Aarlund Skude

Going into the next split an announcement about our roster will be announced as soon as possible!