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SNG PUBG insights

POSTED BY Grauling July 6, 2018

Once the team had qualified for the Closed Qualifier in Leicester it was obvious that extra work was needed to be able to face the best teams Europe. So we organized a bootcamp for the team between the 22nd-27th of June at the HYDR Esports facilities.

It was the first time the boys were meeting as a team and it could be seen from the beginning that a lot of progress was made, both ingame and outside the game. Here is what team captain ToWzErA had to say in regard to the Bootcamp and PGI Minor event in Leicester.

What were your expectations going into the Bootcamp?

The first expectation was to meet everyone and get to know them. We where planning on practising every day, and just get the last finish in, for the minor.

How did the team feel about the facilities of Hydr Esports?

Insane, beyond our expectations. It was so professional, so many nice and helpful people, and just really cool. It would be the dot above the i, if there was bedrooms + showers at the facilities, so you could actually do everything there. But it sounded like they had the plans ready for the future, and sounded really bright.

How was it like to practice at a Bootcamp for the first time together?

Was a new experience, because we actually had to be together in the same room all day long. But we all found chemistry and we liked it a lot.

It gave a more social aspect to the game. It was also really nice because you could discuss things in person, not just via discord.

What were your goals in preparation for the Qualifier?

Our goals where to just continue the way we had been playing online, and just improve abit on that end. Our goal result wise for the event was reaching top 10 and we were thinking a top 5 was really doable.

How was the atmosphere at the Qualifier? Did you feel any pressure from playing on Lan for the first time?

The atmosphere where really good. We got to meet a lot of new people, and a lot of people that we have been playing with online. It was a really good experience, and a nice way to get to know the community. We didn’t feel the pressure physically, but i think we had it mentally. It was also pressuring when we had a bad first day, and we come back the 2nd day and think it can’t go worse and it actually did. So we have experienced a lot, but the most important experience is that our playstyle doesn’t work for lan events.

What feedback can you give about the team after event?

We all learned a lot, we have been talking for days of what we actually did wrong, what we could have done better. We talked about if people wanted to stay together for the future and all that stuff and everyone seemed to be on the same page.

This was a really hard experience for us, but you learn the most when you do bad. We have gained our confidence back again, and we are now looking for new ways to play and communicate.

Kjetil “ToWzErA” Hytten
Jonas “C4LVINKL3IN” Sørvik
Marius “T-Dove” Gjerd
Endre “PHRZER” Solhaug

Even though the team didn’t reach their goal at the Minor, then in Team Singularity we’re sure that the team has a bright future in sight in the PUBG scene, but right now it’s back to grinding until we can qualify for the next big event in PUBG and make a splash.

The team was fortunate enough to have Tobias “thenameistoby” Wiinblad as their analyst both at our bootcamp and at the actual minor event, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to make a big impact in our minor series. Due to the summerperiod and the restructuring of the SNG company we haven’t decided upon if we’ll be keeping Tobias Wiinblad on as permanent analyst for the team, but time will tell when everything get’s on the other side of the summer.