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SNG.PUBG update – GLL EU S3 and Polaris Lan Pro Series

POSTED BY Grauling October 1, 2018

Mon 1st Oct 2018 – 4:37am                            Gaming                    

Polaris Lan Pro series

We finish top 8 at Polaris Lan Pro series and secured 20.000 NOK ($2.446) from the 500.000 NOK ($61.144) prize pool.

Line-up for Polaris Lan Pro series:

Kjetil “ToWzErA” Hytten

Jonas “C4LVINKL3IN” Sørvik

Endre “PHRZER” Solhaug

Johan “Taylor” Taylor

Day 1: Qualifying bracket (top 5 placement)

Day 2: Finals bracket (top 8 placement)

Gallery from the Polaris event will be uploaded next week.

GLL Season 3 EU

At the moment it’s only Kjetil “ToWzErA” Hytten and Jonas “C4LVINKL3IN” Sørvik, who’s officially part of our roster and they’re looking to team up with two new players that can bring the extra X factor to the line-up, so that we can start achieving greatness. We are half way through the season, and hopefully we can overcome roster changes and make a mark on the season the last 3 weeks.

In week 3 Kjetil “ToWzErA” Hytten and Jonas “C4LVINKL3IN” Sørvik were seen playing with Björn “MOLNMAN” Won Hak Jansson and Ryan “fEJK” Kirkpatrick, and who knows maybe they’ll join the team, since we parted ways with Endre “PHRZER” Solhaug and Johan “Taylor” Taylor during the month of September and have two open slots in the team. Time will tell the destiny of the roster.

We have ‘survived’ the first three weeks in GLL Alpha Bracket, and hopefully we can make an impressive mark the last half of the season and secure finals.

Current standings in GLL S3 EU:

Week 1 (Alpha bracket)

Week 2 (Alpha bracket)

Week 3 (Alpha bracket)

The dream still lives, and the goal is still securing a spot in the finals.

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