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SNG x TwitchCon x Fortnite FallSkirmish

POSTED BY Grauling October 23, 2018

Today we travel for TwitchCon and the finalizing of the FallSkirmish series with a massive prize pool of $2,6 mio

SNG TJ & Twitch_Dkokholm will be participating in the FallSkirmish series and representing the Team Singularity banner!

Our SNG content creator Oliver Enevoldsen will join us for a massive coverage of all the action, and to grow his network within the streaming and content scene.

Thank you to the HiFi Klubben for sending us to the event, thanks to SteelSeries for delicious headsets for the trip and last but not least, to DCS Esport for buying a nice camera so we can document the whole trip and make some crisp content!


#HiFiKlubben #Steelseries <3

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