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Today we are excited to announce two new additions to our social media team. Please welcome Ronan “Rubix” Ruby Walsh and Noah “Nauti” Etherington!

“My name is Ronan I am 24 years from Ireland, I have been following Esports for years now especially Singularity as it’s one of the biggest Esports organizations in Europe. I am extremely happy to finally be a part of an incredible team like Singularity. I would also like to thank Atle and Andrei for this opportunity to fulfil my passion the hard work starts now!”

Ronan Ruby Walsh, App manager

“I am Noah, also known as Nauti. I am 15 and I am Scottish. I love to stream and connect with my community. I enjoy grinding out games until I have finished them. I am looking forward to working with Team Singularity and their team members. Can’t wait to see what Team Singularity brings in the future!”

Noah “Nauti” Etherington, Social Media Assistant

“As our presence online is growing we felt the need to recruit new people that can help us reach our fans and keep nurturing our relationship with them. I am happy to welcome Ronan and Noah to Team Singularity and I am looking forward to working with them!”

Andrei Matei, Chief Commercial Officer