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The end of SNG Overwatch?

POSTED BY Grauling July 16, 2018

Are the current results the end of SNG Overwatch as we fail to re-qualify for Overwatch Contenders?

The Overwatch Contenders Season 1 saw us come in with big hopes and a team full of talented players. Unfortunately, they were not able to play to their full potential which resulted in the team relegating from the Contender Series. With the Contenders Trials right around the corner we hoped that the boys would make a return in the competition but they fell short to their competition in trials and ended with a sour 5th place just short of making it back into Overwatch Contenders.
Thus we have decided to part ways with the roster.

GL HF, we wish you all the best and hopefully our paths will cross again:







We put Andreas “Lind” Lindblad in the hot chair for some questions about the recent period in SNG:

How did the team feel after the first Contenders season?

The team was actually feeling okay after the first season of Contenders, we felt like we drew a tough group and actually did really well against some of the teams, which gave us some confidence even though we ended up going into relegations.

What were your expectations going into the Contenders Trials?

I 100% expected us to qualify for Conteders again, which is also why i was really disappointed in both myself and my team after not qualifying. I felt like we had the players we needed, everyone on the team knew how we played and we did well in scrims compared to many of the teams we faced. When it came down to the officials we just could not perform on our usual level for some reason. The moral dropped too much after a map loss and stuff like that. So that was a disappointment.

What do you feel didn’t work in the Contenders Trials?

The overall team coordination and moral to make a short summary of question 2.

How do you feel about your time in Singularity?

Our time in Singularity has been great. They gave us the chance to prove we were good enough for Contenders even though we got relegated, which is appreciate very much. Unfortunately we couldn’t prove that. But much love to Singularity for giving us the chance.

Will we see a new Danish team rise from the ashes or what is the plan now?

Without saying too much i can say plans are in motion and time will tell if a danish team rise from the ashes. We will see if we are gonna rise or tumble our way up the hill. Either way something is gonna happen.

So what now?!

Team Singularity have decided that due to our current ongoing restructuring of our company we will skip having a team in Contenders season 2, but we will come back into the Overwatch scene leading up to season 3. We are looking for a Scandinavian team and you can apply now if you think you’ve what it takes, just send a team aplication to