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The Grid Report

POSTED BY Grauling September 11, 2020

RLCS X ‘The Grid’ is a great place to compete with the best 16 teams from Europe. After qualifying for the last open spot, we also had a great start in week 1 with a Top 8 finish. In a close battle, we fell short to Team Endpoint in the playoffs (2-3).

The following weeks did not look too good for our Rocket League team.

Again, we lost in game 5 against Team Endpoint in week 2. We were swept by Giants Gaming the week after and were reversed swept by Barca Esports in week 4. Three top 12 finishes in a row was not a bad result in this stacked competition but of course, we want to beat them all.

Week 5: new week – new motivation. Half of the weeklies are over.

We started of strong in our group with a 3-1 against Barca Esports and 3-2 against Triple Trouble. In the quarterfinals of the playoffs, we had a bad start against Top Blokes. We could get back in the series and closed it with a 4-2 win.

In the semifinals, we faced Renault Vitality. After a 6:19 minutes overtime Vitality could secure themselves match number 1. We could tie the series with a 1 goal game in the 2nd match. After several close matches it was time for the deciding game 7. With a 2-2 match score after the regular time we headed into overtime! Emotions were high – 1 goal to move forward into the Grand Final. Both teams put up a big fight and after almost 4 minutes of extra gameplay Vitality scored the deciding goal, which results in our first top 4 EU placement of the season.

Up to 1.300 viewers supported our Rocket League team in the SNG grid team stream at Thank you for all your support and watch us beating Vitality in today’s matchday!