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POSTED BY Grauling March 22, 2021

New RLCSX Split, new Grid format, new on-air talent!

We are excited to announce our caster lineup for our RLCS X – The Grid broadcast:

The one and only RLCS main stream Analyst Randy “Gibbs” Gibbons is joining our broadcast crew alongside Corey “Digital Bacon” Dyer, who already was part of our broadcast team for the Grid fall split. Pascal “ThePaSch” Schuster, who is part of our Rocket League caster lineup since the beginning, is of course still part of our broadcast for this split again!

Gibbs was a professional Rocket League player for iBUYPOWER back in 2015 and 2016 and started his career as caster after that. He is part of the official RLCS main stream since the first season of RLCS in 2016.

Gibbs casting Hibbs is a combination made of dreams, and you do not want to miss this banger!

The new 16 team league format of the grid already starts this week, Monday and Tuesday, where our Rocket League team plays 3 matches a day starting at 18:00 CET each.

All matches will be broadcasted at

“I’m more than happy to have Gibbs casting the Grid for Team Singularity. Having one of the faces of the official RLCS broadcasts adds a lot of value to our broadcast. I hope that everyone is ready for Gibbs casting hibbs!”

Jonas “vel” Schaffrick, Rocket League team manager, Team Singularity.

“We are improving our stream and broadcasting every season, and I’m super excited to have Gibbs onboard in our casting of the Grid Spring edition! After our spectacular run in The Grid Winter where we won 1 out of the 4 weeks and ended up earning the wildcard slot for the Winter Major, then I hope we can keep up the momentum in the Grid, and I hope Gibbs will be our new lucky charm!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity