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The rise of Gismo

POSTED BY Grauling November 11, 2020

Joseph “Gismo” Evans entered Team Singularity in May 2020 after the team returned from their two-month trip in USA. Back then he replaced Sam “Chain” Dineley and played the rest of the 2020 Challengers season under the Singularity banner.

Joey will not be continuing in Team Singularity going into the new season, but everyone here at Team Singularity wanted to wish Joey the best of luck going forward, and we are confident that we’ll be seeing Joey at the top of the scene for many years to come.

Joey is one of the youngest talents in the EU scene, and he’s one of the players to keep an eye on in regards to potential future franchise prospects.

We sat down with Joey ahead of the new season, to get his opinion on certain things and also evaluate the latest season in Challengers and also expectations ahead of the new season

1. How was it to play under the SNG banner for the majority of the season?

First time play under a top tier organization and it was by far the best I’ve been treated by an org.

2. What was the biggest difference between playing in a mix team and playing for Team Singularity?

Playing under an organization like Team Singularity gave me the extra framework to be able to focus solely on my performance and the game in general. When you don’t have the support of an organization there’s a lot of other things you need to deal with and I believe that’s the biggest difference.

3. What is your best advice to new talents trying to get into the CoD competitive scene?

Grind the game talent always gets noticed just gotta make sure u work for the talent.

4. What is your best advice on how to practice individually and solo grinding?

The ultimate goal for every young player is to play with/the best teams in the world so the only way to do that is to make sure your solo practise is as much as your team practice so u achieve your goal.

5. 3-5 talents in EU that’s currently going under the radar, that you believe we’ll see do well in Challengers this year?

Billy Buster But, Henry, Seedy.

6. What do you think about the new Call of Duty Cold War so far?

From what I played on the beta is seemed to be a decent game but haven’t played anything competitive yet so can’t really say much.

7. What’s your plans for the upcoming Cold War season?

Going into Cold War I’m teaming with Afro Defrag Peatie. Me and Afro are the youngest top talents in EU so with the mixture of Defrag and Peatie and their experience we except to win ALOT this year.

8. What is your goal for the upcoming season?

This upcoming season the goal is to win everything that I play in and grow as a player so that hopefully sometime in the future Franchises will be looking to have more EU talent in their teams.

9. Evaluate your last season and please describe in detail how it was to play with Team Singularity and the players on the team.

Playing with the guys (Detain, Maple, Bidz, Insight, Chain) was great. It took me back in time to when we were younger and playing Gfinity tournaments together, and I can’t wait to play against them in Cold War.

“Huge shoutout to everyone at Team Singularity! I hope to see u guys soon (hopefully at LAN events) and a special shoutout to Fenix wish u the best of luck this year.”

Joseph “Gismo” Evans

“Joey is one of the youngest talents in the EU scene, and there’s no doubt that he has a bright future ahead of himself in Call of Duty if he can stay motivated and dedicated. I had the pleasure of meeting him at our SNG HQ during our Champs bootcamp, and absolutely loved his positive energy and goofy humor. Best of luck mate, looking forward to cross paths on the battlefield for the trophy and glory of Challengers 2021 season.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity