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Today we are spotlighting our Wild Rift player Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay, that has been making waves in the EU scene since the start of the year.

Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay journey to becoming a Wild Rift professional started with him playing League of Legends on a computer that could barely run 30 FPS and a Wi-Fi connection that would cut every once in a while, he managed to reach Diamond after playing for a few seasons.

After a few years, he started playing mobile games, when his cousins introduced him to Onmyoji Arena, an Anime themed MOBA. Zour and his cousin quickly rose the ranks and were two of the first reaching the highest rank, Onmyoji. For several seasons, Zour held on to the top spots on the European server, before challenging himself to get it on the North American server – which he successfully did. The game would eventually die down in popularity and it would take longer time to find a game. Finally giving up on the game, he then tried out Arena of Valor, once again reaching the highest rank within just a few weeks of playing. Zour would try out other mobile MOBA’s too, such as Extraordinary Ones, but after reaching the top ranks, he would go back to Arena of Valor.

When League of Legends: Wild Rift was released in Asia, he would immediately get access to start practicing. After assembling a team, he would play in Asian Based competitions with 200+ ping, managing to get top four placements in some. When the game finally released in EU, his team and him instantly started dominating small community tournaments. Even during tryout periods, and players coming in and out, Zour managed to prove himself repeatedly, placing top 3 in most events, even grabbing a 1st every once in a while.

At the start of Team Queso Wild Series #2, Mobile Mayhem and Rift Showdown, Team Singularity picked up the three players from Team Baguette, Zefta, Random and Schow. This iteration of the roster completely lived up to the expectations. They won everything, and stomped anyone in their path, winning both Team Queso Wild Series #2, Mobile Mayhem and Rift Showdown. Last week they got their first grand final loss, falling to Tribe Gaming in the SK Gaming Rift Zone event.

The game is still in its early stage in terms of the competitive esports ecosystem, but with high expectations to the future of the game and its esports ecosystem then there’s no doubt that Zour will be one of the players the fans will keep an eye of in the EU scene. Zour is one of the shinning lights from the EU talent pool and It is clear to see that a new challenger has emerged and is on his path to be the Wild Rift superstar of EU, and he has already proved himself with multiple different rosters. A fan of the Wild Rift scene can only be excited to watch how his career journey will pan out.

“I’m very proud to have Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay in Team Singularity, and it’s been a great pleasure so far to be working with him and building a framework for him to grow within. I believe Zour has a great future ahead of him in Wild Rift esports, and I’ll do everything in my power to assist him on his journey to the top.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Fonder & CEO, Team Singularity


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