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The South American Expansion

POSTED BY Grauling September 13, 2019

We are excited to announce that our expansion in the South American scene continues as we are signing one of the strongest Brazilian Fortnite Trios! We would like to officially welcome Helberton “Refletz” Cortez, Bryan “King” Nunes and Fabio “Faah” Da Silva!

Refletz began his professional career at Esport in 2011 with the release of the game Gears of War, and has since invested in producing content for games, raising an army of nearly 130,000 subscribers on his youtube channel and currently broadcasting live on Twitch.

Despite his age, King knows what he wants from his career. At the age of 14, he always dreamed of an Esports career and with the support of his parents, started playing competitively in 2018. King was present in the regional championships! In addition to being a gamer, he is a streamer and content creator at Twitch.

Faah is a professional Fortnite player who began his Esports career in 2017, when he quit his job as a sales consultant and pursued his dreams! By showing his strength and potential he became one of the biggest names in teams like 2Kill, Team One, Brazilian Crusaders and INTZ; being featured when he won the Epic Games “Showdown Brazil” award as Fortnite’s best player. Faah also participated in the first Brazilian face-to-face championship in doubles mode and won, being Brazil’s only guest duo for the ESL Katowice Royale. In addition to being a player, Faah is a streamer and content creator on Facebook, and actively participates in solo and trio online championships.

King and Refletz were already recognized for their qualities in game, after the high scores and awards at the Fortnite World Cup, the duo became a benchmark, representing one of the best doubles in the region. With the new competition model, the duo joined their skills to compose a new trio and Faah was chosen.

“I am beyond excited to be able to finally announce the signing of the Fortnite Trio! Ever since I got in contact with the players, I realized how much potential they have and how determined they are in achieving their goals! Today marks yet another important day for Singularity with the expansion in the South American Esports scene resuming and I am thrilled about what the future holds!”

Atle S. Stehouwer