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TMA Championship

POSTED BY Grauling September 29, 2021

We have been invited to participate in the first The Machines Arena tournament with $10.000 on the line! Our lineup includes our content creators _xTrex & Nicole, so tune in on Friday, October 1st for some action!

More information about the tournament:

“We are happy and feel honored to be a part of an exclusive tournament of an upcoming game like this! All our participants are shooter games fans so it will be a pleasure for them to test it out and who knows? Maybe we can get far in the event.”

Arian Irfan, Streaming Manager

“I would like to thank the TMA team for the invitation in the tournament, we are excited to field our content creators and I am looking forward to watch some 4v4 action in this exciting game”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Chief Commercial Officer