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Tobiz is back

POSTED BY Grauling October 14, 2020

Today we welcome back Tobias Theo “TOBIZ” Brøgger Poulsen to the active squad, as Nicoodoz has been transferred to Copenhagen Flames which was announced earlier today.

Tobias have been on the bench since start September, but is now back in action and ready to make the most of the opportunity. We are currently midway through our MDL season with a 4-6 scoreline, and the primary goal for the team is to retain the spot for next season and then build upon that. We are of course always looking for invites to play as well, and also already have some upcoming tournaments starting later this month.

“After being benched I had a lot of free time to spend with my family and friends, which I haven’t had for almost a year. It was also a very much needed break from competing and feeling the stress of having to juggle too many things in life. Being back in the team and in another role than in-game leading feels really good. This means IceBerg is taking over the IGL role and he’s doing a great job so far. The spirit in the team is high after our recent bootcamp and hopefully we can keep some of the level we showed in practice and officials in our matches we have left in MDL.”

Tobias Theo “TOBIZ” Brøgger Poulsen

“I’m happy to have Tobias back in the active roster, and I’m expecting him to bring his refreshed energy level and motivation into the server, after having spent some time off while being on the bench.
I’m delighted for the team not being stunned by transfer of nicoodoz, and being able to directly bring back a former IGL, that have had some much needed off server time to refresh himself is a true blessing. It was great to see the team over the weekend at our bootcamp, and I’m expecting us to start grinding the HLTV ladder again”.

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder and CEO, Team Singularity