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Toronto Major III Preview

POSTED BY Grauling June 1, 2022

Challengers continues to prove to be an integral part of the Call of Duty esports ecosystem. Throughout the year, we have continued to compete alongside our partnership with Toronto ULTRA to host the Toronto ULTRA Academy and Toronto ULTRA Academy North America rosters.

The teams have competed at a variety of events so far this season:

  • Elite Stage 2 Playoffs

Despite some ups and downs across the board, the team has persevered going through some roster changes with some members joining Toronto ULTRA as substitutes, as well as a loan being agreed for Gismo.

Heading into the Toronto Major III the teams are fired up and determined to be crowned Champions.

It’s exciting times ahead of this weekends tournament as both teams are in very good form after winning the Elite Series.

We want our players to enjoy the occasion and perform to their best of ability with the Toronto Ultra fans cheering them on as their respected Academy rosters and we believe that there is nothing stopping either roster from winning the whole event. Hopefully this time it’s a #1, #2 finish.

Curt Bottomley, Chief Gaming Officer

“We are really looking forward to being out in Toronto this week, the teams been working really hard behind the scenes and there is nothing stopping us from winning the championship.”

Joshua-Lee “Joshh” Sheppard, Coach for Toronto ULTRA Academy EU

“We’re in high hopes for the upcoming event after winning the last Elite series, we’re excited to showcase our talent worldwide.”

Stephen “Vortex” Allan, Player for Toronto ULTRA Academy EU

“It’s our time to go back-to-back LAN champions, we have a lot to prove, but there is nothing stopping us.”

Javier “Vikul” Milagro, Player for Toronto ULTRA Academy NA

“The team has been putting in the hours to perform to the best ability at the upcoming event.”

Charles “Mystvc” Johnson, Coach for Toronto ULTRA Academy NA

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