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Valorant female roster

POSTED BY Grauling September 25, 2021

We are excited to announce the signing of our Valorant female roster! With past CS:GO experience, this team has set ambitious goals for the upcoming VCT Game Changers Series and we cannot wait to see them in action!

Please welcome:

  • Yaren “Nariel” Cirit
  • Candan “ESTEE” Yetişkin
  • Pelin “Ked” Yalkın Çingiroğlu
  • Gülcem “Lakhesis” Arslan
  • Tuğçe “minemosynE” Minem Alkır

“As a team we have FPS background especially from CS:GO and we would like to transfer knowledge such as game sense, crosshair placement and movements to Valorant. With many team experiences, we believe we can apply that mentality and work as a team. Even though we are a new team I believe with the right work frame and mentality, we can achieve many things. Our goal in near future get to the top 5 in EU female scene. As for me, I have officially been playing this game only 4 months now but I feel like I am already getting used to it and I am very happy to see this process in myself!”

Yaren “Nariel” Cirit

“It is incredible feeling for my teammates and I to join the Team Singulary! I would like to talk about the process of getting into your organization, it was incredibly positive. Everyone in the organization answered all our questions without getting bored and cleared all the question marks in our minds. We felt valuable for the first time when we looked at the team’s handbook. Thank you very much again for this opportunity! The first thing that comes to our minds is that we will achieve great things together; I believe our team chemistry matches perfectly. I am sure that we will bring great success to our new home in a short time with a disciplined work program and the chemistry we have. Our first goal is to prove to everyone that women in this esports ecosystem are successful competitively.

For the future, as you can imagine, I am sure that we will be in the top 5 teams in the EU female scene! Talking about our team members, I can say that Ked is the source of excitement for the team; she is a player who can make the team laugh at any moment with her ridiculous humor. For Nariel, I find her playstyle very similar to mine; she plays her game calmly and confidently with the right moves. At times, when I was stuck with the ideas as IGL, she was able to think from my point and help gather the team. ESTEE, the most emotional player of our team is a player who takes our excitement with her calmness and always supports us positively. Minem is the entry player of our team; the fact that she is a quiet and calm actor who is always ready to do what is said to her that makes us all happy. As for me, I can usually be the calmest and at the same time the most straightforward player on the team. I think I am a player who makes the right decisions in right times and lifts the team up. In addition, I am ready to do anything for my team in game. It makes me very happy to play with such successful players in such a beautiful organization!”

Gülcem “Lakhesis” Arslan