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Valorant Report

POSTED BY Grauling January 24, 2021

Written by Aleksandr “alexR” Kondratovits

Road to First Strike:

The end of the year was good for us, even though we lost in the final of a big tournament, but then we won a smaller one. We were confident that we would make it to the First Strike, but we could not do it the first time because of our mistakes. After that, we sorted out the things that were not working and made it to the First Strike.

After reaching the main stage of the tournament, we went to bootcamp in Moscow!

We won the first game and went to the semifinals where Gambit was waiting for us. Not many people believed in the team, but we gathered after the first lost map and won! After this victory, we were confident that we could win the whole tournament!

In the final, we gave up our first map, which we should have won, then lost the second one. However, after the score was 0-2, we pulled ourselves together and tied the series! On the last map, unfortunately we could not close it out, placing second in the First Strike CIS and taking home $13,500!             

I would like to thank Team Singularity and Atle Stehouwer for their support and for providing all the necessary things in the bootcamp!

The year 2021 began for us with a replacement in the team. We tried to keep the same lineup, but due to many problems, we did not succeed and we decided to move on. We are currently focused on the Riot Games Challenger tournament. This will be the main and first big tournament of the year.

Like all teams, everyone wants to get into the Masters and then get to the World Finals. This year there will be many tournaments and we will try delivering at our best! Now our main goals are Challenger and Masters as well as being a constant Top 10 team in Europe!

I would like to thank Team Singularity once again for everything it does for us and of course the fans who support us very much! We would not have succeeded without you!