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Today we officially confirm that Vrow has been benched from the League of Legends team.

The last two games of our season in NLC was played with Gaaloul instead of Vrow, so the news about Vrow being benched might not come as a big surprise to everyone.

“After a disappointing inaugural season of NLC then I understand why something had to change in the team to be able to secure relegations, and unfortunately the team decided to bench me to adjust the game plan. I haven’t decided what comes next, so we’ll see what happens after the split.” Commented Albu “Vrow” Bogdan Valentin, League of Legends Player, Team Singularity.

“Benching Vrow from our main roster is not a decision I took lightly, nor a swap we desired to make. However, we felt experimenting with a playstyle change in the mid-lane was an important evolution to take as a team, and will help diversify our playstyles coming into the Promotion Tournament.” Commented James “Torok” Thomsen, League of Legends coach, Team Singularity

“Someone wise once said that you can’t win ‘em all, and looking into our results from the NLC inaugural season then that pretty much sums up our season, and heading into relegations a change had to be made to be able to retain our spot in the league. These decisions are never easy, but sometimes you’ve to switch things up to be able to get the outcome desired in the end.”
Commented Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity