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WCG World Finals

POSTED BY Grauling June 12, 2019

Upon qualification to the European Finals of WCG 2019, Johann “TechnoGoose Biörck attended the event in Greece where he Qualified for the World Finals in Xi’an, China! With a record of 6-1 he stormed through the competition and booked his ticket for the main event!

“The WCG tournament was a lot of fun, I met a bunch of new people and all the players were very friendly! I felt good about my lineup going in to the tournament since I won almost every matchup expect for bomb warrior in practice and I had barley seen any bomb warriors since the buffs.
My predictions for the Meta were not entirely accurate since 2 people brought bomb warrior and one person teched his mage really hard to beat me but I somehow ended up winning all 3 of those series. I usually go into tournaments expecting to perform well and the WCG World Final is no different! My expectation for the tournament will vary though depending on how I feel about my lineup!”

Johann “TechnoGoose” Biörck

“Hearthstone has been one of the games Singularity has been involved for a long time in and I am glad to see the players delivering more and more results! It’s all part of the hard work their putting in and I am looking forward to seeing Techno perform on the bigger stages as I am confident he has what it takes!”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO, Team Singularity