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We are back in DOTA2

POSTED BY Grauling February 24, 2019

We are back in DOTA2! And this time we believe we got it just right!

Player list:
Name: Jerry Lundkvist
Nick: EGM
Nationality: Swedish

Name: Abramovskikh Maksim
Nick: Shachlo
Nationality: Russian

Name: Naidenov Yaroslav
Nick: Miposhka
Nationality: Russian

Name: Steve Ye
Nick: Xcalibur
Nationality: Swedish

Name: Jure Plesej
Nick: Pingvincek
Nationality: Slovenian

Management list:
Name: Gilev Daniil
Nick: MeTTpuM
Nationality: Russian

Team manager
Name: Noah Eigenheer
Nick: Th3ReaLJP
Nationality: Swiss

“I’m thrilled to be back in DOTA2! This time with a team of well-known names in the scene, and hopefully we can journey to the top of the scene together. I hope our new HQ and proper team facilities, will give us the edge to go through some of the big qualifiers ahead of us.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO & Founder.

We had a talk with Noah “Th3ReaLJP” Eigenheer about how the team was created, and here’s what he had to say:

“Now thinking back and going through all those months of effort and hard work, it is difficult to find a starting point for this team. It was a chain of events, of decisions and changes that lead us to who we are today. We had different phases that we went through looking for a common identity. Where do we individually belong? What are we seeking for?

I think everyone related to this team had a smaller or bigger part to play, we build connections and sometimes we move on. I was merely the conductor who pushed the players towards a direction they were already aiming for. For me as a Manager, It felt like looking at a puzzle and that I had to put certain pieces together.

Jerry “EGM” has been with the team and me since we started trying out certain players in early Summer 2018. Jerry is actually very mature for being such a weird guy and always had some good mechanical Dota 2 skills. I still think though that winning TI for him was a stroke of luck. All jokes aside, I think he is someone worth looking up to. He has a determination that many others don’t have and his love towards the game keeps making him try harder every day. We decided to sign with Bursaspor eSports in September 2018 and that’s when Jure “Pingvincek” joined us. The roster consisted of Jieang, Pingvincek, Rajjix, Eixn and EGM.

Pingvincek who was also called Texas Man by our former Bursaspor eSports CEO, had his insecurities and was not as confident as he is today. The Boot-camp helped him open up and we laughed as if we had no neighbors. Personally I believe he made huge progress and he’s getting stronger every day. The players got very close to each other and it started feeling like a family, little did we know about the wind of change.
Few weeks later we had to let go Jieang and decided to replace him with Steve “Xcalibur” who had just played as a standin for Forward Gaming. Steve didn’t just wanna join another random stack, he wanted to build up trust with a long lasting team. Join an infrastructure that was set. It showed quickly that Xcalibur was on top of his game and knew how to carry his team. There was not one day he wasn’t pushing and arguing with the team about how to improve. He made sure to be louder that everyone else, that he was our wake up call and introduced us to something again we had lost before.

Not long after we reached a wall that we were unsure how to overcome, we decided to try-out a new pos 3 player and this lead to 2 weeks of chaos. Eixn, our pos 4 realized that certain things wouldn’t work out in this constellation and decided to part ways with the team. We were now left with a hole, a big hole. We went through our options and contemplated together what would be the best for us. Not giving up ! We used our charm and convinced Maksim “Shachlo” and Yaroslav “Miposhka” to play a few games with us. This one week went surprisingly well and we decided to stick together for a while. They are still the new guys, but they are starting to feel comfortable with us. Miposhka seemed like a shy guy, he’s very quiet and calm until I actually realized I was talking way to fast for him to understand me. He thinks more than he talks, which is why I believe he’s such an outstanding player. Shachlo, well he knows how to play a Dark Seer and likes to bully the rest of the team to do his bidding. He has not only been leading us towards victories, but he also showed us how to get onto top 5 pro plays on Dota Cinema.

All together we feel like we found a solid ground to build upon. We’re here, taking the next big step together and hoping to demonstrate that we’re worth your time! “Last month we made it through to the Major Closed Qualifier and hopefully we’ll go all the way in the future. Starting next month the team will have a long boot-camp at the Singularity HQ in order to release their full potential as a team!”

Noah “Th3ReaLJP” Eigenheer, Team Manager.