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Welcome B1SK

POSTED BY Grauling May 9, 2021

Today we welcome a new player to our Valorant roster after parting ways with Stanislav “Sp1ke” Koshel shortly after our run in the CIS finals for Valorant Champions Tour stage 2, where we unfortunately stumbled on our own feet in the quarterfinal against One Breath Gaming, couldn’t close the match and therefore ended our run prematurely.

Please help us welcome Vitaliy “B1SK” Emelyanov to the Team Singularity family as we complete the team roster ahead of the Valorant Champions Tour stage 3. B1SK is a well-known name in the CIS Valorant scene and we are looking forward to seeing him unfold his full potential with Team Singularity.

“I’m very happy to be a part of this organization and team. Thank you for this opportunity, I will do my best to achieve high results!”

Vitaliy “B1SK” Emelyanov, Valorant player, Team Singularity

“New day, new person and new goals. I’m glad to welcome a new player to our team and I’m sure that with him that we will achieve the goals that we set for ourselves.”

Aleksandr “alex” Kondratovits, Valorant Coach & Team Manager, Team Singularity

“I’m super excited about Vitaliy joining our Valorant team, and I would lie if I didn’t say that I’ve high expectations for team going into the stage 3 of the Valorant Championship Tour. I’m confident that Vitaliy is the puzzle piece we’ve been missing to be consistent.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity