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Welcome Brans & Elysium

POSTED BY Grauling May 8, 2021

The ALGS Global Series Championship starts on May 22nd and we would like to present our two new members that will compete with OMM moving forward! Both Brans and Elysium have an extensive record in the competitive scene.!

From wining the ALGS Autumn Circuit back in December and consistent top 3 placements in every single event, we are thrilled to see what the new team can achieve and how much they will be able to grow in Team Singularity.

“It’s a privilege being part of this team, I always wanted to represent a high-level organization like Team Singularity, I am very grateful to them for trusting me.”

Felipe “Elysium” Zapata

“I’m very excited to be part of Team Singularity, I will try my best with my teammates to keep the team on the top. Thank you all for the support!”

Brandon “Brans” Herrera