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Welcome Forone

POSTED BY Grauling October 2, 2019

We would like to welcome Daniel Fabro “Forone” Ribeiro will be joining our Fortnite roster!

“My name is Daniel, better known as Forone. I started playing Fortnite in season 3, from then on I started to realize that I have potential in the game and started playing competitively, I had good World Cup placements with a very bad pc, after that I met Lasers and Igo, the first experience together in championships was already very good so we continue as trio and squad. I am very happy to join Singularity; I hope to fulfill all my wishes in this family, SNG ON TOP!”

Daniel “Forone” Ribeiro

“I’m thrilled to welcome Daniel “Forone” Ribeiro to Team Singularity. Watching him climb the trio ranks with our two players Lasers and Igo has been a great pleasure and I expect great things of Forone and his teammates for future events and tournaments. This 14 y/o mechanical talent has such a great future ahead of him in Fortnite, and I am happy he decided to take the journey together with Team Singularity.”

Atle S. Stehouwer