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Today we are excited to announce our TikTok manager, Hazardous! A young and passionate esports fan, Mauiz reached out to us with a plan to develop our presence on the app and today we are happy to announce that he is a part of our organization!

“Hi, I am Muaiz also known as Hazardous. I am 15 and from the UK and have loved gaming since the age of 5. I am a Call of Duty player, have played it since Black Ops 2, and have played all the Call of Duty’s since MW1. I really started to get into streaming and really getting into Call of Duty when Black Ops 4 released but it wasn’t till Call of Duty MW (2019) that I really felt a passion for gaming and streaming. To think that a team that I looked up to in the 2019/20 season of Call of Duty is now signing me to be their TikTok Manager is absolutely mind blowing.
It is an absolute honor to be with such an amazing organization that have competed in many of the world’s biggest tournaments and have an amazing fan base and the kindest staff members of any organization. I am really looking forward for the future of this Organization and what I can bring to this team.
Most importantly, I want this team to succeed with excellence and I want to be a part of this growth. My aim is to get Team Singularity an interactive and fun TikTok page. This would help the team grow as there are many younger people on the app that are looking for a new esports team to cheer on and also are fans of players that are in the organization already for example King. I am also trying to build skills up myself too and try to get into the Call of Duty team in the near future as it has been a dream since I looked towards my first console. However, most importantly I want to succeed in being a part of a growing organization!”

Hazardous, TikTok Manager

“Mauiz is really eager to work and develop our presence on TikTok, a platform that has seen a tremendous growth and where Team Singularity wants to create and develop a great fan base. I am confident that together, our Media team and Mauiz can create amazing content for the platform and I am looking forward to seeing our fans join our TikTok page for exclusive content!”

Andrei Matei, Chief Commercial Officer

About Team Singularity:

Team Singularity, recently acquired by Rightbridge Ventures, launched in 2016 as a grassroots operation and has grown into a premier esports organization with professional teams competing in Fortnite, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, League of Legends, FIFA22, Apex Legends and more.

The company is focused on talent development and is the leading player talent incubator in esports. Team Singularity has the largest path2pro esports academy in the world with over 10,000 active amateur players making their way to become the next pro player in esports.

Team Singularity is home to more than 100 players and staff members from more than 30 different countries.