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Welcome Ipixaim

POSTED BY Grauling October 22, 2020

Today we are officially welcoming Vinicius “Ipixaim” Alcantara Rodrigues to Team Singularity as he joins the operation as our Rainbow Six coach prior to the playoffs in Brasileirão 2020: Série B this weekend.

Ipixaim has been a great and important addition to help the team grow and develop, and has been working with the team for more than a month testing if the partnership was suitable for everyone before making it official.

“I’m very happy for the opportunity they gave me to help them on this journey to BR6A, and for the players who embraced the idea of ​​me helping them. It’s a great team to work with, and all the players have some really lovely personalities to balance the team, and easy to work with. I am very grateful to everyone who is rooting for us, friends, family and fans, this is for you! #SNGARMY”

Vinicius “Ipixaim” Alcantara Rodrigues, R6 Coach, Team Singularity

“Ipixaim has helped us a lot in this time of br6b with analysis from other teams and we are always one step ahead with the arrival of him, besides being a very focused person and willing to learn new things to grow with the team over time, so we are very eager to work and achieve great things with him!”

Juliano “Levy” Andrade dos Santos Benos

“I’m thrilled to welcome Vinicius to the SNG family, and I’m pleased that the team have found a coach match as I believe it’s always healthy to have an extra set of constructive eyes on the players performance and development. Vinicius has been helping out the team for the last half of the #BR6B season unofficially, and the team has improved a lot in this period.
I hope that Vinicius efforts and the mindset of the players will help us win the BR6B playoffs, and claim the relegations spot to have a chance to promote.”

Atle Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity