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Today we can proudly announce Jack “maple” McCartney and Kian “Keza” Bonsor joining our CoD roster, as Nevo stepped down from being active and CleanX being schoool-benched for now. We got a hold of the pack leader Luke “Bidz” Biddle and put him in the hot chair for some questioning.

What do you think about the new CoD roster?

The new current roster has the potential of being one of the best AM teams in the world for sure, We have so much individual talent, so the main priority is to work on the small mistakes we make as a team just so we don’t make the matches harder than they should be.

We just changed two players, how do you see the situation and can you help the fans understand the reasoning behind it?

The situation Myself, Detain and Insight was left in was horrible. Nevo wanted to retire and Cleanex needed a break for his exams, so we had to act fast on picking up two talented players and that we did. Keza was a quick pick up as we have played with him for years and he’s always been a top player in our eyes, the same with Maple.

What’s your expectations for the CWL Fort Worth Open?

With the skill on my team for this event my expectations of CWL Fort Worth is too win, we have what it takes. All we have to do is to make sure we get good practise in the build up to the event and not waste our time we have and i’m sure we will come back with a good result.

What’s the longterm goals for the SNG CoD team?

Long term goals for SNG COD is simple, Have a top showing at the AM playoffs, Qualify for Call of Duty Champs and make the run everyone dreams of having.