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Welcome kitoz

POSTED BY Grauling May 29, 2021

Yesterday we announced our final signing as we welcomed Kitoz to Team Singularity. The ability and progression Kitoz has shown over the last 3 months have really caught our attention.

He is competing alongside current Team Singularity player Frans and their trio JPSK1NG later today in the FNCS Grand Finals. With a $300,000 prize pool, we are excited to see how well this trio can do against the competition.

“I have been speaking with Kitoz since September 2020, whether it was teaching him English or just a general conversation, Kitoz has always been full of life and a great individual to get to know. With Kitoz coming into Team Singularity, this concretes us as the Overall Number 1 Team in Brazil. We are excited to see how Kitoz does in all competitions for the remainder of the year.”

Curtis Bottomley, CGO of Team Singularity.

“Eu estou feliz por ter entrado na Team Singularity por que sempre foi meu sonho representar uma organizacao internacional, ainda mais a SNG que tem players que eu admiro muito, e tambem estar ao lado de grandes amigos meus”

“I’m super excited to be part of Team Singularity. Representing a global organisation has always been my dream, but SNG for sure was on the top of the list due to their work, great players and also because I can still be amongst great friends!

Kitoz, Fortnite Player for Team Singularity