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Welcome Notan & IceBerg

POSTED BY Grauling September 1, 2020

Yesterday we shared that TOBIZ had been benched prior to the start of the new MDL season, and today we are super excited to share that we have signed Anton “notaN” Gisselmann and Oliver “IceBerg” Tidemann Berg to join our CS:GO squad, and that we finally have a solid five-man roster ready to climb the ranks.

“I’m happy for this opportunity and chance to play versus higher ranked teams. I’m looking forward to play under such professional circumstances.”

Anton “notaN” Gisselmann Pedersen, CS:GO Player, Team Singularity

notaN HLTV

“Really happy to announce, that I’m joining Team Singularity. Looking forward to play with the team and make results, but also just to be joining such a professional organization. I think this will be the perfect place for me to grow and develop”

Oliver “IceBerg” Tidemann Berg, CS:GO Player, Team Singularity

IceBerg HLTV

“notaN is a really good mechanical player, with a super aim and a huge talent waiting to be unleashed, I believe he has now found his right shelf and is ready to show off. IceBerg has already proven to be a super team player, his ability to offer himself and read the game is really good for such a young player. His aim is top class and he will without a doubt prove to be a good player for our team.”

Peter “Casle” Toftbo Ardenskjold, CS:GO Coach, Team Singularity

“I’m super excited to welcome both Anton and Oliver to our CS:GO team, and I’m confident that they’ll be a good fit for the team. Over the last two months a lot of players both national and international have been tested in our search to find the optimal fit for the team, and I’m happy that we’ve been able to find two national players. I believe the overall team development will be faster with a full national team rather than having 1-2 international players as we are able to keep our communication in Danish internally. Both of the players bring a lot of individual firepower, and I’m looking forward to see them in action later tonight with the team in the first match of the new MDL season.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity#SNGARMY

The boys have their official debut tonight when we face SKADE in the opening match of the new MDL season.