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Welcome Oliver Enevoldsen

POSTED BY Webmaster October 11, 2018

Today, in Team Singularity, we are pleased to announce that we have made a great partnership with Oliver Enevoldsen, who will be a permanent content creator for @SNG_esports.

Oliver is both a streamer and content creator, which is also the idea of ​​his role in Team Singularity, where there will be an opportunity both to grow his own brand, but also to be part of the gradually large Singularity family.

Oliver Enevoldsen will represent Singularity in many different ways, and there will be ample opportunity to meet him both for events and in our future headquarters in Copenhagen, which will open later this year.

In the coming weekend you can meet Oliver at NPF 18′ in Fredericia, where he sits in the streamer zone and shares flat in Fortnite, while he has taken a lot of delicious giveaways and more to contribute to the many visitors. And next weekend, you can meet him to the Fortnite open house event in HYDR eSport on October 20th from 13.00-15.00.

“Oliver landed reasonably randomly at my desk about a month ago when I know his father from life as an event and party organizer who obviously brought his son into focus and thought I should take a closer look at what Oliver had to offer, another one being a young smiling guy with lots of good energy and ambitions.

I saw the potential immediately, and after having had a longer in-depth talk with Oliver, it was just the details of the cooperation that was going to be written so that we could get announced the partnership.

I look forward to working closely with Oliver about a lot of exciting plans we have put in for content in the remaining quarter of 2018, but also with great focus on productions of major projects in 2019.

You will see much more of Oliver, so you can as well already tune in from now on. Looking forward to be a part of his future journey within the gaming scene” Atle S. Stehouwer, CEO, Team Singularity ApS

Oliver Enevoldsen Social Media:

Youtube: Oliver Enevoldsen (




We got the opportunity to put Oliver in the hot chair for a few elaborate questions about him:

  • What do you do in your daily life in addition to being content creator and streamer?

“In addition to being a content creator and streamer, I’m in a youth education at a Handelsgymnasie in Vejle, focusing on economics, mathematics and language.”

  • Now you will have the support and support of an organization, what does it mean to you and the current way you make content?

“Now that I get support and support from an organization, I will try to get my quality, quantity and overall my content on a higher level.”

  • You’ve previously focused on youtube, but after the summer vacation you’ve started Twitter, Twitch and Instagram why?

“In summer, I chose to spread my “brand” to both Twitter, Twitch and Instagram because all media have different strengths: YouTube is primarily for videos, Twitch for streaming, Twitter for communication, and Instagram to show what’s happening in everyday life, and it is therefore important to be on all of them if you want to reach as many people as possible.”

  • You’ve been streaming on Youtube to stream on Twitch, what’s the reason for it?

“I chose back in August to switch back to streaming on Twitch instead of YouTube, as there are more benefits of streaming on Twitch than streaming on YouTube. Among other things, the bold community as it is on Twitch, both here in Denmark, but also in general.”

  • What are you most looking forward to in the partnership you have made with Team Singualrity?

“What I look forward to in my partnership with Team Singularity is all the options that can open to me and the opportunity to get my content production up to the next level. I look forward to seeing what the future brings, this is just the start…”


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