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Today we are happy to welcome Jeroboam “Profusy” Guarionex Rivera to our content creator team as he will be delivering a lot of crisp Call of Duty mobile content together with Singularity going forward.

Profusy has been on the rise for the past months, and we are super happy to welcome him into the Singularity family!

“Video games has always been an escape for me whether it’s something bad happening in my own household. Video games was always an avenue or a way of an escape and then I realized I’m pretty good! I started playing competitively on console for a while, but I always would play phone games as well it started with my first FPS on mobile which was Modern Combat then to Bullet Force, all while I was still playing console.
When Call of Duty mobile came out, I officially switched from console being my main to dedicating everything to mobile! And 1 Year later I’m considered one of the best phone snipers in the game.
I will never claim that I’m the best phone sniper, no matter how good I think I’m then there will always be 1 person that is just better than me and that is part of my motivation that drives me to get better each day!

I’m extremely excited and honored to join Team Singularity, as I love their overall commitment and presence in Call of Duty. I’m looking forward to create come great content under their banner and excel my growth in 2021”

Jeroboam “Profusy” Guarionex Rivera, Call of Duty content creator, Team Singularity

“It’s my pleasure to welcome Jeroboam “Profusy” Guarionex Rivera to the Singularity family as we’ve been in contact multiple times previously in 2020 and I’ve followed his impressive growth throughout the year and especially after the summer.
I’m looking forward to assist Jeroboam’s development and I’m confident that the media team in Team Singularity can help him and his content grow even faster going forward.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity