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Today we are thrilled to announce that our Rocket League team will be trying out Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson. We have been looking forward to welcome the former World Champion MVP into the Singularity family, and we are extremely excited to see the team in official action. The first official appearance will be at the upcoming Fusion championship, that was announced earlier this week.

This means our roster for the tournament will be:

  • Tho // @ThO_RL
  • Noly // @Nolystic
  • Scrub Killa // @ScrubKillaR

You can read more about the Fusion tournament here:

Wanna know more about Scrub Killa? Look here:

“I’m very excited to play with Noly and Th0 on SNG in Fusion, and really hoping that we can show people how nuts we are!”

Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson

“Scrub Killa is one of the most famous and discussed players in the Rocket League scene, and there’s no doubt about the level of his skill. I’m looking forward to see how Kyle’s experience and talent will improve the overall team both in short and long term, and I’m looking forward to provide a strong framework for him and the team to develop in.”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity

“Picking up a player like Scrub Killa will be amazing for our confidence as he’s a veteran player and has won the World championship where he was the MVP and RLCS Season 7 at such a young age. I’m very excited to grind our way to being the best team in the world and we definitely have the potential to do so”

Joseph ‘Noly’ Kidd, Rocket League Player, Team Singularity.

“Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson is joining the Singularity Rocket League team as a try-out. Scrub is the most talented free agent on the market, with him winning the World Championship in RLCS season 7 and placing 2nd at worlds in season 8 with Team Vitality.

The experience of playing several major & premier LAN tournaments and winning Worlds will have a big impact on the team. Scrub looks like a strong addition to Noly and Tho and we are looking forward to the upcoming Fusion tournament!”

Jonas ‘Vel’ Schaffrick, Rocket League Team Manager, Team Singularity.