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Today we welcome Alexandre “Sonho” Luis Mostovoi to Team Singularity, who is currently a mobile content creator and previously a professional Rules of Survival (TPP Battle Royale) player.

Sonho was a Rules of Survival player who qualified as the 1st seed going into the Rules of Survival Worlds Championship representing Europe alongside the most dominant European team. Later on he switched from a competitive player to a content creator, where now he streams Dead by Daylight Mobile, growing one of the largest communities in the game, with a loyal fan base.

In the upcoming months, Apex Legends Mobile (FPP Battle Royale) will be released, where Sonho will be representing Team Singularity as a content creator and a competitive player, we hope to bring home many titles, and trophies.

“I’m thrilled to be representing Team Singularity, It’s been a dream of mine to represent a high tier org, I’m grateful to Atle for believing in me, and giving me this opportunity. I’ll be grinding super hard when Apex Legends Mobile launches, to be at the top of leaderboards and at the competitive scene. #SNGArmy #SNGOnTop”

Alexandre “Sonho” Luis Mostovoi, Content Creator, Team Singularity

“I’m happy to welcome Alexandre into the SNG family, and I’m looking forward to help him achieve his goals, and to set him up for a bright future both as a competitive player and content creator.”

Atle Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity