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Welcome Trace

POSTED BY Grauling May 19, 2021

Today we are excited to officially welcome Martin “Trace” Bang Heldt to Team Singularity as our CS:GO coach. Martin is one of the danish Counterstrike OG’s and we are honored to have him represent the green SNG banner going forward with the team.

“I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to coach team singularity, as I make my return to the professional scene once again. It’s time to work hard and reach our potential as a team”

Martin “Trace” Bang Heldt

Martin “trace” Bang Heldt (born July 1, 1990) is a retired Danish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike player. Starting out in the Danish Counter-Strike scene, trace was known as a high-class aimer and was at his peak, in mTw, considered to be one of the best players at the time. Before joining the famous, the best Danish team of all time, trace played under several good teams on the Danish scene, including fearme, ATS-Gaming, Spirits of Amiga, [1] wooSai [2] and MoD. In 2010, he and was the second best team in the world, only with Natus Vincere above them. 2010 was a year, where most of the international event had the Ukrainians on the top of the podium, with the Danes right behind them.

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“Trace is an old acquaintance, who has a strong knowledge within CS, which I hope we can reflect in our own game. He has been part of the game for many years, which is what we have been missing – a coach who could help with the basic mistakes we make / made, rather than tactical inputs. Pure game sense, make the right decisions, what is right / wrong.”

Sebastian “larsen” Larsen, CS:GO Player, Team Singularity

“I’m delighted to welcome Martin to Team Singularity, and I’m confident that he’ll be able to help develop the players and solve the team puzzle. I had the pleasure of meeting him at our CS:GO bootcamp a few weeks ago, and it was very clear from the start that he fitted the team and atmosphere perfectly”

Atle S. Stehouwer, Founder & CEO, Team Singularity