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Join us in welcoming Zophex who has joined Team Singularity as a Content Creator!

Follow Sophie:

“We picked up Sophie as our second RL creator, as she is a good fit for our video content plans and very creative herself! I’m looking forward to do entertaining content with her and make sure to leave a follow.”

Arian Irfan, Streaming Manager

“Hello! My name is Sophie, also known as Zophex. I’m an 18 year old from Sweden who’s been playing video games my whole life, and now love streaming it over at Twitch! My main focus is casual Rocket League, making my community based around entertainment rather than skill. I am incredibly excited and thankful to Singularity for giving me this amazing opportunity to be a part of the team! Cannot wait to see what the future holds, see you around!”

Zophex, Content Creator