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Wild Rift team transferred

POSTED BY Grauling May 1, 2021

Today we are parting ways with our Wild Rift team that will be announced in another organization. We have been together for the last couple of months and have been able to win the tournaments Wild Series #2, Mobile Mayham S1, Rift Showdown and claimed a 2nd place in RiftZone throughout the period we’ve been together.

We deeply appreciate the partnership we have had with the team and it’s unfortunate that we couldn’t find a way to continue growing the partnership, but we wish the team best of luck going forward and hope our paths will cross again in the future.

Players and managers parting ways with SNG:

  • Matthieu “Random” Hanny
  • Lucas “Zefta” Maturana
  • Frederik “Schow” Morthorst
  • Kévin “REDemption” Khuy
  • Arnaud “Dooms” van Marcke (Coach)

“I want to thank Singularity for the 2 months spent together. Working with Ryuh, Soul, Nanu, Zour and others has been an amazing experience I won’t forget. Atle and CouCou kept the player’s interest in mind and enabled a smooth transition so we’re moving on to Game-Lord while keeping good memories of SNG.”

Arnaud “Dooms” van Marcke

Team Singularity are far from done within Wild Rift, and we will look to continue building around our EU center piece Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay, who will stay in Team Singularity.

Read more about Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay here:

“I appreciate the time we have had together as a team and I hope that our paths will cross again someday, I wish the boys the best of luck going forward. When one door closes another one opens and I’m happy that we’ll continue building around our first Wild Rift signing Anouxay “Zour” Insixiengmay and I’m confident that we will be able reclaim the #1 seed in EU!”

Samuel “Ryuh” Morthorst

LFT in EU?! If you believe you’ve what it takes to play on the highest level in EU, then contact our Chief Mobile Officer, Samuel “Ryuh” Morthorst, on mail or twitter for a tryout: //